Annual Membership

There is currently no charge for membership of the club.


Term Fees

Term fees are charged to cover the basic running of the club: the costs of pool hire and the coaching staff.

Requests for the next term’s fees will be sent out by the Treasurer and may be paid either by cheque or bank transfer.

Prompt payment is requested to ensure the smooth running of the club and to secure the swimmer’s place.

Term dates are available on this website.


Scottish Swimming Membership

Each member of the club must pay an annual membership fee to Scottish Swimming.

This fee covers the cost of insurance for the club and the swimmers as well as membership of the governing body.

Scottish Swimming set their fees at their AGM in February and Barracudas makes a group payment on behalf of all members.

Members will be invoiced for their fee with the request for the third term fees sent out by the Treasurer.

New swimmers joining throughout the year will be given the appropriate forms and instructions on how to register and pay this fee.


Balfron Barracudas at Balfron Campus pool